Who we are

The National Committee ICOM Moldova one of 114 National Commettee are the main tools of communication between the General Secretariat and the ICOM members. The 114 National Committees ensure the interests of the organisation are managed in their respective countries. The National Committees represent their members within ICOM and they contribute to the implementation of the organisation’s programmes.


1.      History

In February 2010, ICOM Moldova National Committee was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Moldova  as Association of the National Committee of ICOM Moldova. In three years the number of members has increased from 8 to 34 people.

2.      Mission

National Committee ICOM Moldova is the non-governmental  organization of museums and museum professionals which is committed to the conservation, continuation and communication to society of the world’s natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible.

Republic of Moldova is an Eastern European country with a rich cultural heritage. Recently the Government of Moldova adopted a national strategy aimed at the development of culture “Cultura-2020”  based on the European legislation. The legislative base of the protection of our country’s national property has been established after the gain of independence (1991). Two important laws have been adopted by the Parliament in the 90ies – in 1993 the Law on Protection of Monuments and in 1999 – the Law on Culture. In 2002 the Republic Moldova Parliament ratified the Convention on Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage ratified at the XVIth General Assembly of UNESCO in Paris on November, 16th, 1972.

 At the beginning of the new millennium in Moldova there have been identified some 15 thousand monuments of historical and archaeological immovable heritage. 5698 monuments were included in the Register of Monuments of History and 7368 were included in the Register of Monuments of Archeology protected by the state. Museums funds count about 675 000 thousand exhibits of a movable heritage the major part of which are preserved in 6 National museums and 100 local museums.

National Committee ICOM Moldova is planning to provide opportunity to museum professionals in Moldova to liaise with ICOM  to keep up with the latest museological trends in the world. ICOM-Moldova tries to be active in the area of development and improvement of museums and their activity on world standards.

We intend to make ICOM-Moldova active and popular not only among museums professionals in our country but also the wider society.  ICOM Moldova goal is to participate in development of national policy for heritage, promotion of the regional co-operation and exchange of experience within the Eastern Partnership region and between the EU countries in museum sector. 

The project activity could play a very important role during the financial crisis. In this regard the experience of project activities in the cultural sector of Eastern Partnership will be very useful for the further development of both our organization and for the entire cultural sector of Moldova.

Actually Moldova is confronting a huge economic and political instability. By now it is considered the poorest country in Europe. So, there are not so many possibilities to raise funds and to realize projects of rehabilitation of our museums and museum activities. Big parts of our work, including the projects realized by ICOM Moldova Committee are based on volunteering and self-dedication of our members. In this regard, the participation of ICOM Moldova in European financial assistance programs is very important for the development of museum sector in our country. 

And in this regard the international experience in the heritage sector will be very useful for the future development of both our organization and for the entire cultural sector of Moldova.

3.      Members

Members of ICOM Moldova are the directors of the National Museums of Moldova, officials and experts of the Ministry of Culture and the National Agency for the protection and restoration of heritage monuments, curators, restorers and conservators of the museum collections. Accordingly, the National Committee of ICOM Moldova has the potential to plan and implement the present project proposal. Museum professionals in Moldova are ready to share their personal practical experience in the field of heritage conservation, as well as theoretical knowledge in the field of management, received at various international conferences and workshops. This is possible primary to the financial support of ICOM and of several other international organizations.

4.      Conferences and trainings

The  ICOM Moldova took part in various International Council of Museum activities through ICOM grants. We can mentioned several ICOM International conferences like ICOM-CC , CECA, conferences International Committee for Museum Security, ICOFOM, INTERCOM. The ICOM meeting is an opportunity to informally meet colleagues and to share your experiences and ideas. ICOM Moldova encourages the young members to participate at the ICOM Travel grants programs.  We try to find a variety of other sources of funding for the participations at the different international trainings, workshops and conferences.

Members of ICOM Moldova participated in several  international projects and trainings like: the Museums Emergency Programme Education Initiative (November 2007 – September 2008, Ohrid, Macedonia) organized by UNESCO and ICCROM;  the International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage 2009 3, Kyoto/Japan and Kathmandu/Nepal; Annual Conferences of the International Committee for Museum Security; ICCROM course The First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict ,  21 September to 26 October, 2012 etc.

In 2012, contacts were established with the National Commission of UNESCO in Moldova. Due to the fact the members of ICOM Moldova have the opportunity to participate in a number of training courses organized by the UNESCO Moscow Office in Moscow in Yerevan (Armenia), Astana (Kazakhstan), and Chisinau (Moldova).

For the first time the National Committee ICOM Moldova was presented at the International museum festival “Intermuseum 2012” which took place in Moscow from May, 30 to June, 5.  The activity of National Art Museum and ICOM Moldova National committee was represented on the stands at the forum exhibition. Moldovan museums guide (ICOM publication) as well as other printed materials were distributed during the event for the promotion of the Moldovan museums.

The knowledge and experience gathered by the active ICOM Moldova members in ICOM conferences, as well as workshops, trainings in other international organizations in the field of heritage preservation are of a great importance for the future development of our National Committee ICOM Moldova

5.      Project Activity

For these three years the Committee carried out several international projects supported by ICOM.

Between 18-26 may, 2010 took place the project of promotion of Moldova Museums and Cultural Sites “Culture Links”. At the National Art museum of Moldova  were organized the  International Conference with the participation of experts from England, Romania, Mexico.

On the May, 18 (International Museum Day), 2011 ICOM Moldova organized a presentation of Museum Guide and event was a great success, 120 museum workers and a numerous public joined the event. The public reacted positively to the publication of this guide, mentioning that it was a necessary and useful tool in promoting Moldovan cultural life and its presence as Cultural Identity on international level. The Co-Organizer of the event was National Museum of Archeology and History of Moldova.  These small projects in its budget were an important step for the beginning of our activity on the international level.

In 2010 Moldova joined the regional ICOM alliance Moldova-Romania-Ukraine.  First meeting was in Suceava, May, 2010. Second one was organized in June 15-19, 2011, in Lvov, Ukraine, and 2 participants from ICOM Moldova went to the meeting Ms S.Pana and Mr.I.  Stefanita. At this regional meeting was discussed the opportunities of cooperation and development between participant countries. It was done a summary list of interested museums and institutions that are interested in this kind of cooperation, and information has been exchanged between Committee members.

III Cross border Cooperation meeting between National ICOM Committees of Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, establishing standards of excellence in the museum sector, took place in Chisinau, capital city of the Republic of Moldova between  September 6-9, 2012. At a trilateral meeting attended 6 participants from Ukraine and Romania.

The central objective of the meeting was establishing the cooperation between professionals from the museums at a regional level – Moldova-Ukraine-Romania and discussing the museums and museum ethics problems, trying to find reliable solutions and building terms of future cooperation. The Conference “Museums and museum Ethics, Chisinau 2012”,  which took place on 7 September 2012 in Chisinau and organized by ICOM National Committee of Moldova in the partnership with National Museum of History and Archaeology and National Art Museum from Moldova . It was attended by 42 professional from museums and other cultural institution from Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.

6.      difficulties

There are many problems that are an obstacle in the way of our activity. First of all, the low salaries of staff and in this regard, there is no interest in their work. Imperfection of legislative base relating to sponsorship and patronage. Unfortunately, economical situation in Moldova does not permit to small country side museums to have Internet connection or even mobile telephony access. Networking with this museums is difficult. Networking with the experts from other  cities such as Cahul, Balti, Orhei and Soroca is possible by Internet, but anyway, their ability to access and introduce information on Internet is not so well developed. This reality determined us to think about a project of training for museum employees  regarding use of  new tools of communication (Internet and necessary tools that are making possible the communication).

7.      Plans

Aims and Objectives  of ICOM Moldova for the Next Three Years.

Due to visible results in terms of advertising Moldova Museums activities using media tools, ICOM Moldova will continue its activity using the promotion of the museums on its website, as well as keeping a close relationship with local and regional press and television companies.

The Objectives of 2013-2015 will be:

1. To increase the level of cooperation between Moldova museums specialists and international community. By this way to encourage Moldovan specialists to cooperate with other ICOM structures such as INTERCOM, ICOM CC, INTERCOM, CECA etc.

2. To organize a training for Moldovan Museum staff, in order to up-date their skills and to familiarize them with new tools and methods of preservation and presentation of the museum materials.

3. To organize Workshops and Trainings in field of Museum marketing. The museum sector should review the mechanisms of management and move to a management system based on contemporary market relations.

4.  Projects related Risk management of museum collections.

5. To continue the cooperation with foreign experts in order to increase the visibility of Moldova Cultural Objectives and to make possible the cultural exchange between counties from the region.


6. To increase the cultural exchange actions between the museums and museum specialists at regional and international level in order to promote intercultural dialog and cultural diversity actions.