ICOM Strategic Plan


Over the last three years, ICOM has made a strong impact on the international museum scene.

At the dawn of this new decade, our organisation must continue to build on these achievements and reinforce and support its impressive 

international network of more than 28,000 experts in heritage-related fields. The ICOM Strategic Plan 2011 – 2013 was drafted with a view to helping ICOM face the challenges and seize the opportunities of a fast-changing museum landscape. Thanks to the exceptional work carried out by the Strategic Plan Evaluation Committee and the Strategic Plan Working Group, the Plan proposal was finalised at the

116th session of the Executive Council. The proposal was

developed taking into account the results of the questionnaire sent to the network, the recommendations of the Evaluation Committee, comments from several Chairs of ICOM’s National and International Committees, and a final consultation with the Advisory Committee.

To meet the challenges of an ever-changing museum sphere and to serve the ICOM community of museum professionals to the best of its ability, the Strategic Plan 2011 – 2013 focuses on four main development areas:

increase membership value and transparency for ICOM

members; develop museum and heritage expertise;

strengthen ICOM’s global leadership in the heritage sector;

and develop and manage resources to implement the 

Strategic Plan effectively. Some of these objectives are

intended to be achieved over the three-year period, while

others will inspire ICOM’s actions for many years to come.

I call on you, our international museum community, to work

together in an inclusive and participative manner, to adapt

this new Strategic Plan to your rich and diverse disciplines.



Dr Hans-Martin Hinz